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Art Images Gallery and Framing 

Summer Art Show

Introducing our brand new collection of Limited Edition Prints.  These numbered prints are reproductions of original pieces of art and digital art.  Our Cultural Icons series include prints of such icons as Elvis Presley, Billie Holiday, Bob Marley, David Bowie, MLK, Marilyn Monroe, Kirk Cobain, James Brown, The Beatles,  Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, and JFK.  There are 37 different cultural icons available.  Our Sports Legends includes prints 13 different personalities in sports from boxing too tennis.  Included are Muhammad Ali, Sandy Koufax, Nolan Ryan, Kobe Bryant, Bo Jackson, Tiger Woods, Serena Williams,  Jackie Robinson and Michael Jordan.  

Art Show in the planning stages......

The news coming out of Sacramento is finally positive.  It looks like sports venues, theaters, etc...starting April 1st will be allowing spectators, on a limited basis.    Because the pandemic seems to be hopefully winding down we have started planning on an Art Show and a paint and sip for April/May.  Obviously we will be limiting the amount of people in the gallery for these events, and also all will have to practice social distancing and wear a mask.  We very well could end up taking reservations for the time slots people can come into the gallery.    We're not sure what an Art show will look like in these circumstances but we want to give it a shot.  

Art Show will highlighting the new artwork by Parker Konyak and also introduce our new line of limited edition prints.  

Introducing ......our new line of Limited Edition reproduction giclee's of original artwork.  Each piece will be limited to a 30 print edition.  When the 30 prints have been completed we will no longer print that particular print.  Each piece printed will be numbered, to show you where your print sits in the edition print wise.  Each piece will be printed on an archival matte finish paper which is acid free with an ultra smooth white surface.  Each will be printed in either 18"x24" or 20"x20",  although Elvis will be printed at 16"x28.5" and Aladdin Sane will be printed at 18"x28.5".
We will have two different lines.........our Cultural Icon series and our Sports Legends series.   Each print is priced at $69.00,  and can be matted and framed for $299.00.  There will be 50 different people highlighted, including Little Richard, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Kirk Cobain, Prince,  Bob Marley, Andy Warhol, Freddie Mercury, John Lennon, Rafa Nadal, Serena Williams, Sandy Koufax, Bob Dylan and Jackie Robinson to name a few.  

Elvis 16"x28.5"

Mamba 18"x27"

Jimi 20"x20"

Tiger 20"x27"

St. Peppers  18"X27"

Lady Sings the Blues  18"x27"

MJ  18"x26.5"

I have a dream.....20"x20"

The Express  18"x24"

Thank you so much for your support of Art Images Gallery.  

As you are aware,  2020 was not a good year.  Many small businesses have gone out of business or are barely hanging on.   Like all businesses we were forced to close from 3/19 to 5/9 to help "flatten the curve".  But through all of the negativity of this pandemic we are still here and going strong as ever.  While many businesses struggle along with Art Images,  we remain positive with the knowledge that our customers will go out of their way to support us.  There have been many struggles thru this year.  Our biggest challenge was many of our suppliers changed their distribution models causing delays for many of the moldings we use for our customers frames. This in turn caused some of our ETA's for completed frame projects to be extended.  We thank you so much for your understanding.   We hope that our suppliers lack of stock, and shipping issues will be rectified soon and we can get back to business as usual.  

We are looking forward to serving you in 2021 and hopefully this pandemic will come to a conclusion soon.   Until then we will do all we can go make your picture framing experience a positive one.  

RE-grand opening/ Open House Huge Success!!!

Thank you to all of the people who took their time on a beautiful saturday evening to spend it with us on our Re-grand Opening/Open House.  It was an awesome night easily exceeding our expectations.  Thanks go to Bret Menasco, Tony Slater and Eric Seligmann (our awesome staff) and Liz Menasco for their hard work to get the showroom ready.   Thanks also go to Tara and Alec Retes for the awesome food, and Erica Menasco as our unofficial bartender.  Special Double Secret Thanks go to our featured artists,  Ling Liu, Eric Seligmann, Knox, and Randy Mendoza.  These are very talented people and they should be supported....thanks again.   It was an awesome evening....We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.....

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