Art images new interior.

When we were contemplating purchasing Art Images, the one thing that Bret wanted to do and do it quickly was to renovate the inside. He felt that calling ourselves an art gallery, with carpet on the wall wasn't the image he wanted to portray. So Sunday 12/23, after the shop closed we started renovating the north wall. We removed the artwork, removed the wing walls and started scraping the textured paint off the wall. The wall preparation took most of Christmas eve and some of Christmas morning. We then came back on 12/26, and sanded the walls, then painted white.

The look will be a big difference from what our customers are used to, but we felt that giving the shop more of an open, clean and inviting look would be a big improvement.

When you're in the area come on by and take a look, we think you'll agree that the gallery is much more inviting and professional.

Soon, we will take the carpet off the wall on the south wall, and do the same thing to that wall. We will lose some display space on the walls by removing the wing walls, but we want the gallery to be more open and more gallery like.


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